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 Trapstix was invented back in 91, and has been kept  a very close guarded secret ever since. Recently my Sister became frustrated with the conventional Tip-ups she was using, and convinced me to let her try mine. After using the Trapstix she told me , You need to get these out to people, because they work so well, and they are so simple to use. I agreed and here they are Patent pending ready for this Fall. Trapstix is a new and inovative Family Enterprise looking forward to sharing our Love of Fishing, and the Outdoors with you...Stay tuned, and thanks for your support.

TRAPSTIX was developed over 20 years ago with three basic goals in mind.
One, to eliminate most if not all common problems associated with conventional tip ups.
Two, make icefishing FUN and SIMPLE for all ages and for all skill levels.

Third,  CATCH MORE FISH!!!!!!!!

We believe TRAPSTIX surpasses these goals and would like to share that
success with you ..... Join the TRAPSTIX team and spend more time fishing
and less time fixing


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shipping is only available in Canada at this time