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James of Morinville:
Date: Dec. 4/06
Location: Cardiff Lake just south of Morinville
Weather Conditions: sunny and clear, windspeed 6 kilometers per hour
Temperature: -16 Celcius
Ice Conditions: 6- 8 inches thick
Species Caught: 6 Rainbow Trout
                         1 Brook Trout
Bait: Raw Shrimp cut into small pieces

Bill of Edmonton
Date:  Dec. 13/06
Location: Pigeon Lake north end of lake
Weather Conditions: sunny and clear,  windspeed n/a
Temperature: +2 Celcius
Ice Conditions: 12 inches thick
Species Caught: 3 Whitefish  average 4 lbs
Bait: Wire worm

James & Victoria of Morinville:
Brock, Tanya, Brandon & Chase of Spruce Grove:
Date: Jan 7/07
Location: Thunder lake East of Barrhead
Weather Conditions: overcast, wind speed 2 kilometers per hour
Temperature: -5 Celsius
Ice Conditions: 12- 14 inches thick
Species Caught: 26 Yellow Perch
Bait: Maggots

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Guy Woods
Cochrane, Alberta
The following is a brief report for the Ghost Reservoir, located just west of Calgary:
I have visited the Ghost Lake to ice fish on a number of occasions this winter. Reports from some of the local anglers that I have known to fish the lake on a regular basis for years, say that the overall fishing has been slow this year, with limited numbers of large lake trout being caught. However, recently the fishing has been picking up a bit and a few smaller lake trout are the result. The encouraging thing about this years fishing reports from the lake, is that there are good numbers of juvenile lakers being caught. This indicates that a few more years down the road, the fishing for larger lake trout should improve.
    I was on the lake this past weekend, it was one of those rare days when the wind wasn't blowing and the sun warmed up the black walls of my ice fishing shack. I managed to hook a few lake trout, one of them was approximately 3.5 .lbs. I was jigging a small white jig with a minnow. Because I was fishing in a portable shack in about 10' of water, it was all visual jigging. The small lakes came in like bullets to take the jig. Exciting stuff.
    People have asked me about ice safety on the Ghost over the years. This year there is plenty of good ice presently with driving a vehicle not a major concern. As always, I tell these people that you should be vigilant along the shore ice, because it is a reservoir and water levels fluctuate and also watch out for the pressure ridges, usually located off points on the lake.

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