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The Trapstix Tip-down, eliminates the sometimes over complexity of todays  modern IceFishing campaigns. We believe by keeping the things needed for Icefishing  simple, and more importantly practical, the more time you can actually spend icefishing.  Generally icefishing with tip-downs or tip-ups is considered to be very tedious, and time consuming. and often limited by one factor or another. With Trapstix your icefishing in seconds, and there is no tricks to learn or lengthy instructions of Do's or Dont's...Just drill your hole, stick it in, and watch it work...Spend your time fishing not fixing.

TRAPSTIX was developed 
over 20 years ago with three basic goals in mind.

One, to eliminate most if not all common problems associated with conventional tip ups.
Two, make icefishing FUN and SIMPLE for all ages and for all skill levels.

Third,  CATCH MORE FISH!!!!!!!!

We believe TRAPSTIX surpasses these goals and would like to share that
success with you ..... Join the TRAPSTIX team and spend more time fishing
and less time fixing


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shipping is only available in Canada at this time