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If you are drilling and moving all through your day in search of your elusive prey and you find yourself drilling through 2-3 feet of ice each time,an ice auger and preferably a power auger is the solution for you.

Once again winter has arrived and many anglers are thinking of what upgrades to their equipment will make their day more enjoyable out on the ice. An ice auger should be number one on their upgrade list. Many times an angler will pick an auger too big for their needs. It is very rare to need a hole over 8 inches, keep this in mind when thinking about the auger that is right for you. The bigger the hole, the more torque you will need to drill through the ice. Obviously torque will not be a problem with a power auger, however the bigger the power auger, the more it weighs.

Hand Augers:

Hand augers are a time tested method for drilling a hole through the ice. Generally speaking hand augers are lighter then the power auger. Expense wise they are more economical than a power auger and cut down on what you need to bring out with you on your trip. They do not require fuel or oil and are much quieter than a power model. They usually come in 3 sizes, a 4 inch a 6 inch and an 8 inch with the 6 inch being the most common. The most important consideration when choosing a hand auger is the depth of the ice you will be drilling through. Bit size and the depth of the ice you will be augering through will determine how many holes you will be willing or able to drill throughout your day.
Power Augers:

Power augers are available in many sizes and have as many features as you are willing to pay for. Two stroke power augers have been the mainstay for many years. These augers do a great job of drilling but have the inconvience of having to mix your oil and gas making sure you have the proper mix. They are also worse for the environment as one of the byproducts of their use is oil residue. This residue will find its way onto anything it comes in contact with, such as clothing, gear, ice tents etc. The newer four stroke power ice augers are much quieter and run cleaner than the older two stroke models. The new 4 stroke power augers also have the advantage of not needing to premix the oil and gas making it much simpler for the novice ice fisherman. The one disadvantage if you want to call it that is price. The newer 4 stroke power ice augers cost a little more than the old 2 stroke models.

Anglers interested in power ice augers also have one more option to choose from. The electric power ice auger combines the power and reduced weight of the newer 4 stroke models and are extremely environmentally friendly. They usually come with a rechargeable battery which produces zero fumes and is extremely quiet. Think about taking along an extra 12 volt battery to increase your drilling time.

Blades have remained basically the same for many years. Single blade, double blade and for the best in ice cutting power, the 4 blade bit. The newest innovation in bit technology is the serrated blade. These bits are designed to chew at a small section of ice and generally speed cutting time. A blade with a power point tip is a good investment as it will aid in keeping the blade steady almost eliminating wobble which you find with more traditional bits. As always keep your bits sharp.
Blade Covers:
because of the augers sharp blades they have the tendency to cut up everything they come in contact with. By using a blade cover you will reduce or eliminate this problem.

Ice Cleats:
 by purchasing a pair of ice cleats you will ensure you will have good stable footing when starting up your power or hand ice auger.

Spark Plug: carry an extra spark plug with you on your ice fishing trip, you never know when you might need it.

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