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Choosing a Portable Ice Fishing Hut

How to Choose a Portable Ice Fishing Hut

Apart from an ice auger, the portable ice fishing hut is one of the most important items an angler will purchase. Purchasing a portable ice fishing hut will go a long way to ensure you have a great day while out ice fishing.

Today's portable ice fishing huts are available in all shapes and sizes, this can cause anglers new to the sport of ice fishing many a headache trying to select an ice fishing hut that is right for them. Use the following guide to aid you in deciding and ultimately purchasing an ice fishing hut that will suit your needs.

What are They Made Of?

Today's portable ice fishing huts are generally made of three materials. Nylon, canvas, and poly cotton. When purchasing your ice fishing hut make sure you buy one with the thickness material your pocketbook can afford. The simple rule is the thicker the material, the more protection you will receive from the wind and cold. On the other hand the thicker the material, the more it will weigh. You need to find a balance between weight and portability Other important factors to consider when comparing different models is durability, and breath ability, and fire resistance. Of these three, fire resistance might be the most important factor to focus on. Many anglers today will bring along a portable heat source to aid in keeping warm and many of these can become a fire hazard if accidentally knocked over. Most portable ice fishing huts on the market today are fire resistant.

Portable ice fishing huts that are manufactured from dark material are superior to any other type of material. Any dark coloured hut will absorb substantially more heat from the sun aiding in keeping you warm. Another advantage to a dark coloured ice fishing hut is the interior of your hut will be darker. This will help you in when peering down in to the depths through your ice fishing hole. Also with todays tendency towards using more electronics such as flashers and underwater cameras, the increased darkness within your hut will allow for easier viewing.

Weight vrs Warmth

The overall weight of your portable ice fishing hut is one of the most important aspects when choosing a particular model. Do you spend a lot of time moving around? Do you tend to stay in one place once you are set up? These questions must be addressed before purchasing any particular model. Ask yourself what is more important, the quality of your hut or the overall weight. Thin materials are great for packing around and can save you from fatigue and sore muscles. However a thin material can rip or tear easily and also will not give you as much protection from the elements as a thicker material, meaning possibly not staying out on the ice for extended periods of time. An average 1 man portable ice fishing hut can run as high as 60 pounds. that is a lot of weight to be dragging around to various locations throughout your day. It is essential for you to factor in material, size, and overall quality of construction when determining which hut is right for you.

What Size do I Need?

Today's portable ice fishing huts are available in many sizes. One man shelters all the way up to a 4-5 man hut. Make your choice for size based on your fishing habits. If you enjoy fishing on your own, then a good quality 1 man hut will do you nicely. Again keep in mind your fishing habits, even if you fish alone you may have a tendency to bring along a lot of gear. If this is the case a nice well made 2 man tent would be ideal as it will have the extra room you need for your additional gear. As size goes up there is a trade off for the additional space. The larger your interior the more heat is required to be comfortable. Make sure your ice fishing tent has adequate room directly in front of you. This space is essential for proper jigging action and for that all important setting of the hook. For the larger shelters make sure that each person has adequate room to enjoy their day. Nothing ruins a day out ice fishing more than having your friends complain about the cramped space.

Setting up Your Ice Hut

Basically there are two dominant types of portable ice fishing huts on the market today. The most convienent and fastest is known as a folding portable ice fishing hut and is designed to fold right over top of you. The advantage of this type of portable hut is it's set up time. You can fold it over you and be literally ice fishing in seconds. The other dominant type of portable ice fishing hut is known as a tent style ice hut. This portable ice hut is very similar to todays tents used for camping in that its lightweight aluminum or alloy poles are hinged and just snap together quickly. This type of ice hut is usually up in 2-3 minutes. One of its great advantages is the variety of sizes offered


Not really a whole lot to choose from in this section. Either your portable ice fishing tent has built in seats or you are required to bring along your own seating arrangements. One factor to consider when choosing between the two is to remember that if your tent does not come with built in seats, that is more equipment and more weight you yourself will need to pack out onto the ice. Ensure your char is comfortable and has some type of padding as this will also keep you warm for a longer period of time.

Are Windows Needed?

Every portable ice fishing hut needs at the very least one window. This window is needed so the angler can keep an eye on any tip-ups he or she may have outside the ice fishing hut. It is also a good idea to keep an eye on the weather while being out on the lake. Weather can change quickly and having a window to the outside world will allow you to decide when it might be prudent to pack up and get off the lake. Try to find a portable ice fishing hut that comes with flaps or some kind of covering. This allows you to control the amount of light coming in to the ice hut. By controlling the amount of light coming in you can have the option of closing it off completely for sight fishing down your hole, or allowing some light for your guests.

Proper Ventilation

Vents are essential if you are using a propane heater to heat the interior of your portable ice fishing hut. Propane heaters release fumes which can be deadly to you if you do not properly vent your ice hut. If you are unable to purchase a portable ice fishing hut with the vents built in you can leave the door slightly open to allow fresh air to enter and the fumes to escape.

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