Ice Fishing Canada

Ice Fishing Fun Facts

Canada is home to the greatest number of people who participate in
the wonderful sport of hard-water fishing.

West Pubnico, a small fishing village situated on the south shore of Nova Scotia
gets their name from a native Mi'kmaq word Pombcoup, meaning
 "a hole that has been cut in the ice for fishing"ice fishing

In the year 2000, anglers from Canada chose to spend a combined total of
4,489,296 days ice fishing!  "Ice" not just for hockey anymore!!!

Fewer than one third of fish caught from beneath the ice are eaten. More
than 60% are caught and released. Pass the chicken wings please!!!                                                                              

Remember to practice CPR
catch, photograph, release.

Ice thickness of 10 centimeters is advised for ice fishing alone.
18 centimeters is recommended for groups.
If you are planning on taking your vehicle out to where you fish
28 centimeters or greater is recommended.

As water near the surface of a lake cools, it becomes heavier and sinks.
This pushes warmer water to the surface, where it too is cooled. Before
ice can form on a lake, the entire water column must cool to 4 degrees
celcius. Then it can cool to the 0 degrees celicius required for total surface
freezing. Because of additional turbulence in a river system, the entire water
column must cool to 0 degrees celcius before freezing can begin.

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