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When it comes to lures, there are a variety of very good products on the market to use. Check with local tackle and bait shops before venturing out on the ice. Most times they will be helpful in steering you in the right direction when it comes to lure selection. One thing to keep in mind is that some lures look like they are designed to catch your money not fish!.  One of the most important aspects when choosing an ice fishing lure is to give the fish you are after something they want. Alternate your presentations until you discover what the fish are looking for. Change colour schemes, presentation etc until you are consistently landing more fish. One of the best tips out there is to change your bait often.A general rule of thumb is to change your bait after 5 minutes if you have not had a strike. If you land  a fish  change the bait before you drop it back down the hole. Another important aspect to remember on all of your lures is to ensure your hooks are sharp. By taking that extra time before going out you will land more fish on your fishing day. I also take a small pair of pliers or forceps and open up the hook gap a little. This adjustment will allow you to get a better hook set with a sharp hook, and an open hook gap. This is a little trick that will mean more fish through the hole and onto the ice at the end of your fishing day.

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