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Generally speaking this is usually left up to the individual angler.People use anything from a line in their hand, to a homemade tip-up. All the way up to a top of the line graphite rod and and reel combo..When choosing either a fiberglass or graphite rod, there is one thing to keep in mind. Are the fish actively biting? Or is it one of those days when the fish are very hard to catch. If the fish are actively biting, the graphite rod is the way to go. Once the fish begin to get harder to catch, you should try switching to a fiberglass rod. By combining your electronic viewer and the characteristics of a light tip on the fiberglass rod you will catch more fish on these difficult days. It is a common belief that the fish biting the bait on a graphite rod can also feel you through the rod and will spit the bait out before you get a chance to set the hook successfully. When fish cool off biting try switching to a fiberglass rod, it may go a long way to increasing the amount of bites and fish you get through your hole.when the bite gets tough use a fiberglass rod instead of a graphite rod to get more bites and more fish through the hole.

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