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You might be making ice fishing hut plans to have your shelter custom made, or perhaps you will be building it yourself. Either way there are many things to consider for inclusion in your plans.

If you're building your shelter from your own plans, make sure you aren't attempting something too complicated. The best idea is to keep it simple and then add to it as you go along. Focus on finding materials that are strong, durable and safe and work out the size you will need for the number of people and amount of equipment you want to cover.

It is important to also ensure there will be enough head space for everyone. Think about including allowances for storing tackle boxes, hanging bags and displaying licenses. The main things you need are your timber, strong brackets and nails. When you have devised the size of the shelter you can use your ice fishing hut plans to work out exactly how much of each material you require.

Many fishermen have reportedly built their own collapsible huts for under $50. If you can afford to lash out and buy your own, the hut plans available are much more lavish. They may include a built in source of heating, seats, shelving and adjustable ventilation holes. Some luxury models even have underwater cameras installed! The sky is the limit if you have the money to burn.

Heating an ice fishing hut is usually done using a propane or fuel tank that can be mounted to the trailer or sled. Wood stoves are also common, but you will need to collect wood to keep them burning. The extra benefit of heating aside from keeping cozy and warm is that it prevents the ice from freezing over when you are fishing.

Padded benches and electric lights are a great investment to increase the comfort of your fishing trips. The whole family can have some fun if it's more homely inside, so consider this when making your ice fishing hut plans. Another option is to rent a few different huts to try so you have more experience with them before designing your own.

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