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Ice shanties are small shelters which can help keep you out of the wind and blowing snow as you fish. Shanties are made of wood or plastic and can be rented from many sport fishing outlets or can be made at home. Typically, they are about 6 feet by 6 feet with a bench for two, and tall enough for you to stand. Portable canvas shelters also make for a protected area for fishing for long periods of time and they can be set up at a moments notice if the weather turns bad.

Inside, some anglers use stoves and heaters to keep warm. Others use small burners outside on the ice to warm their hands or to keep them warm as they sit to fish. As always, use caution with any heater. Sometimes shanties can be left on the lake most of the winter and people group together in a "shanty town." Late in the season, portable shelters can be used but they must be removed daily. Be sure and check your current fishing regulations for ice shanty rules.

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