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Wherever you live in Canada, ice fishing will give you a truly unique fishing experience.There is nothing better than going out onto a frozen lake to experience the opportunity of ice fishing for one of the many species of fish Canada has to offer the hard water angler.Canada is a very large country, with a variety of regions to choose from when ice fishing.

  Depending on the region in Canada, you will find  trout, northern pike, walleye, whitefish, and perch.Weather in Canada can change quickly,ice fishing canada especially when out ice fishing. By dressing correctly your ice fishing experience will be very comfortable.There is nothing quite like heading out onto a frozen lake on a sunny day to enjoy a day of ice fishing. Anticipating that first strike, knowing that strike may have the potential for a trophy fish, makes ice fishing an experience not soon to be forgotten .

Today's sport of ice fishing is far removed from days gone by. Although you can still walk out on the ice, hand auger a hole, sit down on your bucket and enjoy the day, most hard water anglers today opt for a more modern approach to fishing. New technologies have made ice fishing more enjoyable and accessible for everyone. From improvements in clothing to new electronics for finding that elusive trophy, ice fishing today has changed to a great degree. The one thing that hasn't changed is the enjoyment people receive by participating in this wonderful winter outdoor sport!

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Here is a special photo of the week, Hayden Geise catching his first fish ever, and what a whopper, 4 pounds of northern pike fury caught on Lake Wabamun. Caught on a yellow jig with a minnow, Way to go Hayden !! Email us your photos and we would be more than happy to post them here

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