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Dear Sir/Madam, May 2, 2011

I have personally used the Trapstix ice fishing tip-down and would
encourage all fishermen that are targeting their favorite species of
fish through the ice using live bait, or lure/bait combinations to try
this effective and innovative tip-down.
The Trapstix is made of quality components & comes equipped with a
1,500' capacity spool. Consider all these great features; it has a
unique "weighted" anti-backlash spool; it has a duel-drag system and
won't freeze up even if it gets wet in cold weather! It's easy to setup,
easy to set the tension on the tip-down. The premiere feature of
this unique rig is the, "wind-jig" system that used wind-power to
move your line and your lure/bait (not the whole unit, eliminating
perceived false fish-strikes). This gives your lure/bait continuous
swimming action in windy conditions!
Ice fishing made easy by Trapstix .....set up your rig, watch the wind
work your bait/lure, spot the tip-arm being pulled down by a fish,
grab the line and hold on! Keep fishing with a passion.
God bless you,

Italo Labignan
Canadian Sportfishing Productions Inc.

TRAPSTIX was developed over 20 years ago with three basic goals in mind.
One, to eliminate most if not all common problems associated with conventional tip ups.
Two, make icefishing FUN and SIMPLE for all ages and for all skill levels.

Third,  CATCH MORE FISH!!!!!!!!

We believe TRAPSTIX surpasses these goals and would like to share that
success with you ..... Join the TRAPSTIX team and spend more time fishing
and less time fixing


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shipping is only available in Canada at this time

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