Micro View Ice Fishing 7 Inch Underwater Camera System
Video and Picture Recording

Record stunning underwater footage

Our latest addition to our Ice Fishing Cameras is perfect for the hard water angler. Gone are the days of dropping bait and long waiting periods with no action when fishing. Thanks to this fishing camera you’ll get a firsthand look at what is going on underwater. Monitor fish activity and even record pictures or videos directly to an SD Card. This completely waterproof camera will sweep your fishing spot for fish and everything the camera sees will then be displayed on the 7 inch color LCD monitor. Even dark areas will be clearly visible on the screen thanks to the camera’s 6 bright LEDs. Fishing has never been this high tech!

How do you use this product? 
(1) Use it as an under water camera beneath your ice fishing location and view the action below the ice. Use the camera to actually view the structure and bottom conditions.
(2) Identify fish species to more accurately present bait or lures. 
(3) Use it in the summer months for scouting or hole hopping
to observe what is happening under and around your boat or dock, inspect hull or prop or just to have a look beneath your boat

This waterproof camera has a water depth of up to an astounding 15 meters,  is provided with an insulated 15 meter signal and power cable. This unit has a high quality image sensor, and includes a large capacity rechargeable power pack and battery charger to give your camera plenty of power for the days exploration ahead. The 7 inch color LCD screen is perfect for viewing all the action below the ice.  A professional underwater camera kit for anyone who is serious about ice fishing . This new Micro View  Ice Fishing system  is a complete underwater camera system that fits perfectly in a small carrying case. This means it can go wherever you go! Don't delay, email me today to get more information on how you can purchase your very own Micro View Fishing Camera System and start recording today.

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everything fits in a convienent carrying case

camera records video and still photos!!

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Underwater Camera System email me
7 inch TFT Color Monitor Camera Features Include camera case is water resistant
rechargeable battery
Video Format AVI 15 meter power and video signal cable
battery charger Display:7 Inch LCD color View screen Waterproof Rating of IP68 for camera
Max Depth: Up to 15 meters 6 LEDS for low light conditions max 6 hour display time depending on conditions

total weight 9.2 kilograms
Shipping Available to U.S.A. Factory Direct Shipping Shipping Available Worldwide
what a blast!! watching the fish strike!!! Saves You $$$$$$

adds a huge entertainment element to ice fishing
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