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Brandon and Chase, perch fishing at Thunder Lake            Chase and  Victoria  perch fishing at Thunder Lake Alberta            Brandon, Chase, and Victoria Thunder Lake Alberta

2008 chevrolet maine fishing derby      2008 Winning Entry Maine Chevrolet Derby      star lake alberta                         
             2008 Maine Chevrolet Fishing Derby                                      2008 Winning Fish Maine Chevrolet Fishing Derby                                                     Star Lake Alberta Nov 09

Bellisle Bay NB                Bellisle Bay NB                andy bowser                Bellisle Bay 2009                Bellisle Bay NB                courtesy Andy Bowser
Hey here are some pics from last years season on Bellisle bay,N.B.  Our shack was the biggest last year and this year its gonna be the best


18 Pound 6 Oz Burbot. Lawny Felske, Northern Alberta. 5 oz short
of the Alberta Fish and Game Record!!!


Feel free to send us photos of your ice fishing trips. We would be more than happy to post them to our site.


You can send your photos to photos@icefishingcanada.ca

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