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The Risks of Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is perhaps the most dangerous type of fishing. It contains many risks for the fisherman due to the weather conditions. If you are heading for this eskimo sport anyway, you’d better read carefully through the following tips.

First of all, ice fishing is extremely dependent on weather. This means that before going on the open ice, you need to have supplied yourself with many useful cold-protecting materials. Of highest importance is to have a properly constructed ice shack. The shack can become your only rescue place from the cold outside: ice fishing leads to health problems such as hypothermia if you don’t have a warm and cosy shack.

The second thing you need to have in mind before going ice fishing is to carefully check the weather conditions. Walking on thin ice is a beautiful metaphor that can easily become a brutal reality if you don’t consult with the weather prognosis. Bear in mind the condition of the ice. Be careful where you put your ice shack, and double check the ice surface before going too far. Ice fishing is dangerous because sometimes winter conditions change too fast. You have to be aware that a winter blizzard would be a lethal possibility.

Your shack is not a perfect rescue from all weather conditions, a blizzard may cut your way and you may get stuck in the middle of nowhere in the dreadful cold. When ice fishing, you need to pay special attention to the stove or the other heating device within the shack. Make sure you have enough wood. Take even more than enough to reduce the risk of freezing to death in an unpredicted blizzard. The other rule for stoves when ice fishing is to make sure the heat doesn’t thaw the ice underneath. Put your stove on a proper place where no dangers of heating the ice surface exist. Don’t stay too long in the open when ice fishing: you have to go into the shack periodically and check if everything is under control. The health risks that ice fishing puts fishermen into, can also be reduced by regularly warming yourself.

If still not dissuaded by these strict safety regulations, you may try ice fishing and discover how enjoyable it can be. It is really fun and exhilarating as long as you have in mind and prevent the things which may go wrong

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