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Things to Take on Your Trip

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Minimum You Should Take:
  1. Fishing rods, DUH!!!
  2. Reels-  Micro-spinning reel
  3. Line- 4-8 lb test ice-line, use 1 size smaller than what you would use in summer
  4. Bait:  check local regulations for what you can use
  5. A 5 gallon bucket to sit on or to transport your catch home 
  6. Hand and foot warmersice fishing
  7. Needle nose pliers
  8. Fishing License
  9. Proper I.D.
  10. A compass
  11. Fingernail clippers 
  12. Ice scoop
  13. Jigs and spoons and hooks, make sure your hooks are sharp
Ice fishing equipment if going alone: not recommended
  1. Ice auger
  2. Sled for auger or vehicle if the ice is thick enough.
  3. Mouth spreader
  4. Hook sharpener
  5. Bait bucket
  6. Small shovel
  7. Ice picks,  store bought or homemade 
Preferred ice fishing equipment:

  1. Fish Finder, bear in mind these are not fish catchers!
  2. Ice Fishing Shelter
  3. Propane heater
  4. Spud bar (for checking ice thickness)
  5. Camera , to verify your tall fishing tales
  6. Ice cleats
  7. Ice Anchoring System
  8. flashlight.
  9. Lantern
  10. Matches or Lighter , how else are you going to light your heater?
  11. Tip-ups
  12. Leaders for tip-ups
  13. Bait for tip-ups: check local regulations for what you can use
  14. Cell-phone, maybe you can get a pizza delivered!, make sure battery is fully charged
  15. GPS unit, make sure batteries are fully charged
Luxury Ice Fishing Equipment:

  1. Underwater camera
  2. Two-way radios to talk to your buddies
  3. Ice Fishing House
  4. Strike sensors for tip-ups
Optional Ice Fishing items:
  1. Food
  2. Drinks
  3. Hand Towel, give to your buddy if he is crying about the cold or inability to catch as many as you!
  4. Sunglasses, gotta look cool, even if you are freezing!

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