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 In many ways conventional Tip-ups are very similar to each other. In that most are designed to sit over top the hole with the line-spool below the water. The Trapstix was designed to sit beside the hole, with the line, and Trapstix reel accessible. Thus giving you more control, and options. One of the most common issues associated with Tip-up fishing is components freezing up. Most of this is due to the fact it's cold, and wet. A couple of pretty uncontrollable circumstances. The Trapstix is designed to eliminate this, by using components which are more reliable and forgiving in these conditions. And by keeping just the fishing line in the water, even after you catch, and release your fish. The residual moisture from your hands won't sabotage it from functioning correctly. Another common flaw with most Tip-ups is they just sit there. Usually dead bait with no action or realistic qualities besides the fact it is really dead. The Trapstix Wind-Jig lets you control the action. It simply works by harnessing the wind, and by allowing the wind to only move your fishing line, and bait with as little resistance as possible. The Trapstix gives you the most realistic bait action around. Other mechanical jigging, and wind driven Tip-ups, either move the entire unit while jigging, or work as such to become rhythmic which is not very lifelike. Trapstix also works great with live bait, most other Tip-ups and Tip-downs can make this difficult due to the fact your bait fish can spool out line and produce false flag trips. Trapstix makes this simple, because you decide how much, or how little drag is needed. Another great feature of Trapstix is its unique ability to create more second strikes from fish that strike and miss your bait the first time. When tripped the Trapstix moves your bait a little deeper, adding to the appearance of escaping prey. So when the fish turns around, and comes back, they usually don't miss again.. and when the hooks in the Lip dont forget, you can use  your Trapstix as a rod, and reel that monster in... Simple, Strong, Reliable, and Fun for the whole Family..

TRAPSTIX was developed over 20 years ago with three basic goals in mind.
One, to eliminate most if not all common problems associated with conventional tip ups.
Two, make icefishing FUN and SIMPLE for all ages and for all skill levels.

Third,  CATCH MORE FISH!!!!!!!!

We believe TRAPSTIX surpasses these goals and would like to share that
success with you ..... Join the TRAPSTIX team and spend more time fishing
and less time fixing


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